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It's a shame to cover over a beautiful heritage hardwood floor, still more so to cover it up with more hardwood. "Everyone is covering up hardwood with other forms of flooring," says Chris Plume, owner of DK&L Flooring in Brockville. Consider refinishing it instead.

There's nothing we love more than seeing worn old floorboards restored to their original grandeur. We encourage clients to renew it. Are you reluctant to refinish your old floor because the process is dirty, messy and dusty? At DK&L, we ensure that measures are taken to keep the impact on you and your house to a minimum. We are very picky about the way things are done," says Chris Plume, owner.

From laying down the dust cloths, filling cracks and blemishes in the floor, stripping, sanding, polishing, priming and staining, no effort is spared and no opportunity is wasted to make the final product perfect. "The job has to be done a certain way," says Plume. "We have to do every step exactly the right way, we have to clean up afterwards, we have to make sure the customer gets exactly what they want."

Plume's commitment to quality is not a recent development. At the age of nine, he started accompanying his father, also a flooring installer, to the job site. At his father's knee, Plume learned not only techniques but attitude. He learned how to be a professional. Plume continued to work in his father's Ottawa based business until starting out on his own.

"When I worked for my Dad, I really enjoyed it, but now that I've got my own business, it's become a passion," says Plume. "This isn't a job for me. I love doing this." Plume's enthusiasm for his job is contagious. If a client isn't excited about getting a new floor before inviting Plume to estimate the job, he shortly will be. He freely admits that one of the best parts of his job is meeting people. "I love talking to people and I get to meet all sorts of them," he says. "It's great."

Chris Plume

Chris believes "The job has to be done a certain way. We have to do every step exactly the right way for your floors to look their best when completed. We clean up afterwards and ensure the customer gets exactly what they want." DK&L Flooring purchased this new state-of-the-art sander to ensure floors are refinished with best results efficiently.


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