It's a personal decision, when you decide to give new life to a part of your home that you use every day.

Hardwood flooring in your home is a statement of value and beauty. It is also a functional asset which is easy to maintain, because flooring is the most used item in your home. No other home improvement packs as much visual impact or adds as much resale value as hardwood flooring. Unlike other flooring materials, solid hardwood floors will last the lifetime of your home. Solid hardwood is low maintenance and easy to care for, and is highly durable. Wood floors are an efficient thermal insulator, better than most structural materials and are more comfortable to walk on than most other flooring.

Make DK&L Flooring your first choice as you prepare for this transition. Transforming your floors is what we do best, but it's not the only thing we do. We also offer installation services for your hardwood choices.

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Call us when you are ready, we'll gladly give you a competitive estimate that will convince you that now is the time to change your flooring.


Thelma Greene